The Garden Of Eden

Nestled on the 12th floor of the exquisite Metropolitan at The 9 hotel, Eden provides a serene and elevated haven amidst the bustling streets below. Our rooftop terrace beckons with its verdant ambience and promises a tranquil escape. Adorned with plush lounge sofas, as well as traditional and bar seating, this idyllic retreat is the perfect setting to indulge in our meticulously crafted cocktails, fine wines, refreshing beers, and delectable bar bites. Whether you seek a leisurely rooftop dinner basking in the warm sunlight or a captivating evening sipping sunset cocktails, Eden guarantees unforgettable moments. To enhance your experience, we have introduced a new ordering system this year. Simply head to one of our three convenient ordering stations, receive a pager, and collect your delectable fare when it is ready. Embrace the spontaneity of this season as reservations are no longer necessary. Find your own ideal spot and savor the remarkable ambiance of Eden at your leisure. 

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